EP 24 - Tyler Relph
Chalk Talk – Episode 24 – Hoop Talk – Basketball Takeover with Tyler RelphDoug Curtin
Tyler Relph, basketball trainer, joins Chalk Talk. We talk hoops, training and what it takes to be an elite athlete.
EP 23
Chalk Talk – Episode 23 – S+C Coaches Are Educators feat. Tobias JacobiDoug Curtin
Tobias Jacobi joins Chalk Talk to discuss how strength coaches should be seen as educators in today's profession. 2018 NHSSCA High School Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year.
Panther Wall
Motivating Students In PE – 5 Tips From Molly Collins Doug Curtin
Motivating students in high school physical education classes is challenging. Molly Collins breaks down 5 tips to engaging all students.
Workset Complete at Canton High School
Fitness That Fits All – Fitness Education in Wellness ClassDoug Curtin
The goal of physical education is to develop appreciation and confidence in fitness. Through personal wellness classes, every student at Canton HS is empowered in their fitness education journey.
Chalk Talk EP 22 - Travis Lombardozzi
Chalk Talk – Episode 22 – Buy-In…To PE feat. Travis LombardozziDoug Curtin
To create student buy-in to the weight room, Travis Lombardozzi used Physical Education to get started. Listen to episode 22 of Chalk Talk to hear more!
Chalk Talk EP 21 - Brian Kight
Chalk Talk – Episode 21 – Brian Kight – Commitment Through LeadershipDoug Curtin
Brian Kight, founder of Daily Discipline, joins PLT4M to talk about leadership and structure that leads to a successful weight room culture.