EP31 Energy Systems
Chalk Talk – Episode 32 – Energy Systems – Conditioning For PerformanceDoug Curtin
I want my team to be the best conditioned group around! What does that really mean when we start to consider all the different types of conditioning? Chalk Talk breaks down training energy systems!
Physical Education Is Not For Everyone. Wait, What?Doug Curtin
Physical Education is a dirty word in some educational circles. PLT4M take on the objections to PE and why it should be considered a core subject.
Chalk Talk – Episode 30 – Squat University – Dr. Aaron HorschigDoug Curtin
Improve technique, decrease pain and increase performance? The man behind Squat University joins Chalk Talk to talk strength and conditioning for high school athletes.
PLT4M Essay Contest Finalist – Jenna LarsonDoug Curtin
Students from across the country wrote in on why they thought physical education was important. PLT4M is featuring the essays of finalists. Check out Jenna Larson's Essay
Chalk Talk – Episode 29 – Hypertrophy & All Things Muscle GrowthDoug Curtin
We hear hypertrophy and think of ‘bulking up.’ On this episode of Chalk Talk we take a dive into rep ranges, intensity, and where to look for hypertrophy in the weight room.
Cross Country Training
Strength Training For Cross Country AthletesDoug Curtin
Everyone knows Cross Country has hill, fartlek, and long runs. Not everyone thinks of S+C for XC. Coach Contois at Osborn Park High School does. Read why he made S+C an emphasis for his team.