3 Keys to Warming Up Before A WorkoutCoach Bres
The Warm Up. It’s the least exciting part of training. It lacks the competition and the intensity of the rest of the workout. The warm up, though, is one of the most important components of any training program.
High Knee to RDL Stability DrillTaylor Johnston
A great combination of activation and single limb balance, this drill is much like a SL RDL in that it is unilateral flexion and extension of the hip. Here, though, we are adding the element of a high knee drive during extension and our focus is on slow, smooth movement and perfect balance without a counterweight.
Culture of Commitment: An Off-Season to Build FromDoug Curtin
In-season success starts in the off-season. The off-season is an opportunity to attack what needs to be done to dominate the in-season.
Squat TherapyCoach Bres
Squat Therapy, or the overhead wall squat, is a relatively simple, yet dynamic training tool. At PLT4M, we use it for an array of different purposes. It can be used to dial in great squat positioning before a big below parallel day, assess current levels of mobility and track progress over time, or simply drill form during the development of new athletes.
How to Teach Push UpsCoach Bres
We teachers and coaches are constantly faced with the challenging task of introducing new and inexperienced students and athletes to what many may call "the basics." It is this foundation that we lay when they first walk into the gym, that serves as the basis for their long-term fitness and performance. Our responsibility, then, is to demonstrate and instill mastery of these basics within each and every athlete.