Snow Day? Workout Anyway.Coach Bres
Snowstorm ruining your week of training? A day off from school and away from the gym doesn't have to be unproductive. Even being stuck in the house, we can put together a simple yet effective workout for our athletes.
A Secret Weapon for Off-Season TrainingCoach Bres
Often, we see high school coaches and athletes get so caught up during the off-season with such a motivation and desire for intensity that they neglect proper scheduling, recovery, and injury prevention. Training with intensity is great, but we must have purpose and planning or we will never see true progress.
3 Myths of Training Track AthletesCoach Bres
More so than almost any other sport at the high school level, Track and Field has the greatest expectation of specialization in it's training. Many coaches we speak to believe their athletes require a different program from any other sport, and different programs within that for sprinters, throwers, distance runners, etc. We love that coaches are invested in their athletes' success, but we believe it requires a shift in mentality.
Fix Your Squat: 4 Tips & TricksCoach Bres
We believe the squat to be one of, if not the most important movement in which all athletes should become proficient. Learning a proper squat is crucial for athletes as it has applications in strength, mobility, stamina, injury prevention, and above all, sets a great foundation of strength and movement mechanics.
Improve Your Clean: 3 Part DrillCoach Bres
The clean, and all of its variations, is an incredible tool for athletic development, as well as general fitness. When executed properly, this one movement can help an athlete improve in all of these areas.
3 Keys to Post-Game RecoveryCoach Bres
As Football coaches, we all know that one of the biggest keys to a successful season is keeping your team HEALTHY. Ours is a game of attrition. The teams that stay healthy, and keep their athletes as close to peak performance as possible, are the ones that win games down the stretch.