Hang Snatching For AthletesCoach Bres
All too often we run into coaches and athletes hesitant about utilizing hang snatching in their programs. At PLT4M, we believe it is an excellent accessory piece that develops a number of important things.
How to Teach the Push-upCoach Bres
As teachers and coaches, we are given the responsibility of educating our students and athletes on proper movement and technique in the gym. Often, this is a much more difficult task than it first appears. Take the push-up for example: one of the most basic strength movements out there, it can still be difficult to teach the push-up to an audience with a wide range of abilities and experience.
Trouble With the Front Rack?Coach Bres
Many athletes have issues with the front rack position - most notably, being unable to keep your elbows high during heavier reps of the front squat or clean. High elbows means a better shoulder shelf for the bar, as well as a taller, prouder chest.
Explosive Lateral MovementCoach Bres
Athletes have the very important and very unique need of being able to move laterally with quickness and power. Often neglected in many training programs, lateral movement is a foundational part of sport.
To Max or Not To Max, That is the QuestionCoach Bres
Should you include Max Testing when training your athletes?
How to Run a Successful Football Conditioning TestCoach Bres
The goal of a preseason conditioning test is simple: motivating your athletes to show up to camp in-shape and ready to roll. A physically well-prepared squad spends less precious practice time conditioning and more time becoming better at the game.