You Are What You EatCoach Bres
In a world of fad diets and mis-information, it is important for young athletes to understand the basics of good nutrition and a healthy diet. You ask a lot of your body through intense training, practice, and competition. It requires the proper fuel to recover, maintain, and improve.
Mom! Where’s the protein?!?Coach Bres
Protein is one of the most classically misunderstood aspects of sport nutrition by high school athletes.
Training for Athletic PerformanceCoach Bres
As a Strength and Conditioning Coach, one thing that is always on my mind is the development and improvement of athletic performance.
Why Overhead Squat?Coach Bres
At PLT4M, we strongly believe in the benefits of performing the overhead squat. While it is sometimes difficult for beginners, it promotes proper thoracic spine alignment, engages all core musculature, improves lower body joint flexibility, and builds shoulder stability and range of motion.