In-Season Training for Football, Part II: When?Coach Bres
We've established the importance of in-season training for football programs - but how do you fit it into an already overloaded schedule?
Medicine Ball Workout
Fit 4 Life: Teaching Fitness, Part ICoach Bres
Want to be successful at teaching fitness? Make sure to take these basic issues into consideration when planning a curriculum.
In-Season Training for Football, Part ICoach Bres
Should you be utilizing in-season training in order to win more games?
Stretching for RecoveryCoach Bres
In our experience, the most overlooked part of training for high school athletes is the cool-down & recovery period. At PLT4M, we use a number of different static stretching routines (like the Band Stretch above), mobility work, and foam rolling as our final piece of each training session.
Teaching and Scaling Depth in the Air SquatCoach Bres
The Air Squat. Arguably the single most important movement for young students and athletes to learn. Proper squatting is vital to both athletic performance and overall physical health. Teaching such a foundational movement should be simple right? Unfortunately, this isn't always the case.