Improving Instruction By Talking LessSeth Eckler
More talking does not equal more teaching. Dr. Seth Eckler breaks down 4 strategies teachers can apply to talk less and teach more.
Chalk Talk – Episode 42 – PE 4 Every Kid feat. Mike GrahamDoug Curtin
Mike Graham is an advocate and innovator in PE. His insights on technology and creativity at the Elementary level are great for all teachers and coaches.
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Chalk Talk – Episode 40 – Correcting Movement Faults feat. Craig CheekDoug Curtin
Perfect technique for high schoolers in the weight room? Probably not. Strength Coach Craig Cheek does not panic, but rather corrects and continues!
Women In Fitness and StrengthMolly Collins
Molly Collins created a Women's Fitness class to encourage female students mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.
Chalk Talk – Episode 39 – Speed and AgilityDoug Curtin
Speed and Agility is one of High School Athletics' favorite topics to discuss. We help define and discuss Speed and Agility for high school coaches.