Episode 9 - Nutrition
Chalk Talk – Episode 9: Nutrition w/ April Liles RDDoug Curtin
In episode 9, Doug Curtin sits down with April Liles, Registered Dietitian and Food Service Director at Waltham Public Schools, discussing the how, what, and why nutrition is a key for every student that we work with. 
GameDay Lifts
Chalk Talk – Episode 8: GameDay Lifts vs. Lifting on Game DayDoug Curtin
In episode 8, Chalk Talk covers one of the hottest topics in the world of HS Strength and Conditioning, GameDay lifts. Should your athletes lift on game day?
GameDay Lifts
GameDay LiftsCoach Reno
Should your athletes lift on game day? What's the best approach to "GameDay Lifts"? We thought it’s worth a deep dive into ALL the facts surrounding “GameDay Lifts” and their possible use and benefit.
Episode 7 - In-Season Training
Chalk Talk – Episode 7: In-Season TrainingDoug Curtin
In episode 7, Coach Breslin & Coach Reno talk in-season training, focusing on the importance of training in-season, as well as what that training program should look like.
Chalk Talk – Episode 6: School Spotlight: Growing a ProgramDoug Curtin
In episode 6, Doug Curtin sits down with Devin Wendel, AD and Activities Coordinator at Mount Abraham High School, where he was tasked with building a new high school strength program from the ground up.
Episode 5 - Coaching Culture
Chalk Talk – Episode 5: Putting It in Perspective: Coaching CultureDoug Curtin
In episode 5, Doug Curtin sits down with Coach Max Isaak, PLT4M's Head Performance Coach, talks about building culture and buy-in.