How to Train HS Athletes: 3 Steps for Complete Athletic DevelopmentCoach Bres
Want to build the best athletes? Put aside the trendy new exercises, or fancy sport-specific workouts. Instead, develop well-rounded, complete competitors with consistent and holistic performance training.
4 Keys to Great Off-Season WorkoutsCoach Reno
In-season success starts in the off-season. The off-season is an opportunity to attack what needs to be done to dominate the in-season.
Why In-Season Training is the Key to a Winning SeasonCoach Reno
A healthy team, performing at its peak all season long is a winning team, which is why in-season training is a vital component of you team's success.
SMR for Mobility & RecoveryTaylor Johnston
Widely used and often the focus of hot training takes, SMR (or Self Myofascial Release), is a mobility and recovery mechanism we believe in here at PLT4M.
Teaching the CleanCoach Bres
The clean. One of the most technically difficult movements to learn and perform well, but also one of the most beneficial movements.
Deadlift Technique DrillCoach Bres
At PLT4M, we're total sticklers for proper deadlift form. We love the lift as a tool for developing raw strength as well as a rigorous reinforcement of core stability, posterior chain mobility, and spinal alignment and posture.