PLT4M is a digital training solution built specifically for high schools. We help coaches and teachers coordinate and deliver training for their student-athletes seamlessly between different teams and classes in a way that boosts engagement, accountability, and results.

About PLT4M

At PLT4M, we are all former athletes and current high school coaches. We are on the sidelines in the fall and behind the bench in the winter. We have an intimate understanding of the challenges that educators face when trying to train and work with athletes.

Everything we do, every feature we build, every program we release is done with the intention of making the lives of our educators and athletes better.

A Platform Built for High Schools



We know you don’t need another complicated software system to try to master. That’s why we consulted with hundreds of coaches and teachers to build a streamlined, easy to use platform that lets you spend less time in the administrative weeds, and more time doing what you love: helping your student athletes get better!

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