ATH311B: 4-Day Off-Season Weight Training

Quick Look

  • 60 Workouts over 12 Weeks
  • 4 Weight Training Days per Week
  • 1 Guided Active Recovery Session per Week

Testing & Tracking


  • Continual Tracking of…
    • Back Squat
    • Bench Press
    • “Clean”
  • New Assessment of…
    • Hang Clean
    • Full Clean
    • Front Squat
    • Deadlift


  • Jump Rope (Skill)
  • Push/Pull/Squat (Strength Capacity)
  • 2 Min Burpee (Anaerobic Conditioning)
  • Squat Therapy (Mobility)
  • Plank Hold (Stability)


As with any of our programs, this is ultimately aimed at developing a complete athlete through conjugate Power, Control, & Capacity development. The emphasis during these particular 12 weeks, though, is placed on Strength & Durability. We will get really strong through 3 smaller strength cycles of the powerlifts, while also building up raw work capacity with auxiliary strength movements and metabolic conditioning finishers. Throughout it all, we will continue to work power, mobility, stability, skill & engine building so that we can stay healthy and effectively use this strength on the field of competition.


Each weight training day contains a brief warm up (with mobility and technique suggestions), max strength & power development (powerlifts and olympic weightlifting), supplemental strength capacity (unilateral work, push/pull, etc), accessory work (stability/skill/etc), and an intense, competitive finisher with complete instruction.


Suggested only for athletes who have had a full education of both movement and strength training. Athletes should already have relevant “maxes” of necessary lifts and should not be completely “un-trained” (no workouts in previous 2+ months).


Athletes, grades 9-12 who already have a complete fundamental fitness education and wish to prepare for a sport season. They should not be actively engaged in a competitive athletic season.


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