All too often we run into coaches and athletes hesitant about utilizing hang snatching in their programs. At PLT4M, we believe it is an excellent accessory piece that develops a number of important things:

  • Increased proprioception through the use of an awkward movement
  • Shoulder mobility and stability
  • Explosiveness through active recruitment of the hips and core
  • Metabolic gain through high reps at lightweight loads

Whether you are a student or an active athlete, these benefits are relevant to your progress. The important thing to remember is that it is the snatch movement that is our aim, not loading up a barbell. The gains we seek are just as attainable from using a PVC or empty barbell as with a heavy load. There is no need to put more weight on the bar than you can handle with perfect form. Take a moment and watch Coach Max talk through some of the basics surrounding the Hang Snatch, most notably the “Jump” position – where you initiate movement of the bar upwards, and the “Catch” position – where you punch under the bar with locked elbows and hips dropped into a quarter squat. Work on your movement and get better!