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PLT4M is Trusted by 1000’s of High School Coaches, Teachers, and Athletes Across the Country

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  • “PLT4M is setting a whole new tone among both athletes and non-athletes at Union City. It has made training exciting again and as a coach you can’t ask for anything better. The team at PLT4M has been truly first class, and I sing their praises to other coaches every chance I get!”

    -Steve Brown, Head Track Coach & PE Teacher, Union City High School

  • “As an athletic program and PE staff at Holland Christian, we find the PLT4M system to be all-inclusive and allow athletes to positively prepare themselves physically for multi-sport participation. The variety of programs offered, administrator friendly set up, and specific student/athlete training is exactly what we were looking for in a strength-training system.”

    -Kaleb Forr, Assistant AD & PE Teacher, Holland Christian High School

  • “Plt4m has taken our strength and conditioning program to another level. We are confident that the exercises and techniques are cutting edge and affective, and the science behind the program is most beneficial to our athletes. As high school coaches we wear many hats within our program, our time is spread very thin, but Plt4m has made the organization of our strength and conditioning program much more efficient. The physical results with our athletes have been very positive, they have experienced minimal injuries on the field, and their range of motion and explosiveness have noticeably increased.”

    -Jeff Welch, Football & Wrestling, Canandaigua Academy

  • “We saw immediate results using PLT4M at our school. The athletes have really enjoyed the variety that PLT4M offers and are getting into the weight room more frequently. There is no doubt that PLT4M has motivated our athletes like never before.”

    -Mike Hillmer, North Linn (IA)



  • “The programs are easy to follow and extremely effective. The program progresses in a way that is challenging but doable. I have been extremely pleased with it and our student athletes like it as well.”

    -Jami Walker, PE Teacher, Delaware County Christian School

  • “PLT4M is an absolute necessity for our PE department!”

    -Rusty Fuller, PE Teacher & Head Football Coach, St. Paul High School


  • “I told my booster club there are two things we have to have: Hudl and PLT4M. It’s that simple.”

    -Kevin Quinn, Head Coach, Cresskill High School

  • “Using PLT4M was a big reason for our turn around from a 4-7 team in 2015 to an 11-2 Semi-Finalist team in 2016. The kids are more accountable than ever. I would recommend everyone use PLT4M with their team.” 

    -Eddy Zubey, Head Coach, Higley High School (AZ)
  • “We looked at a handful of other training platforms, but PLT4M’s system was just so easy to use, and their programs and video content are truly top notch. That, plus the fact that they were the most affordable option made it an easy decision. Happy customer going on Year 3!”

    -Larry Cox, Head Coach, Lakota West


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