Why In-Season Training is the Key to a Winning Season

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As coaches, we all want to win. We implore our athletes to spend the off-season training to become bigger, faster, stronger. But, the moment practice begins, our focus shifts and training becomes an afterthought. This is dangerous. While in-season, your athletes will adapt to the rigors of practices and games, often reaching peak physical conditioning for that sport. At the …

A Chance to Ring the Bell: How one high school is turning heads for all the right reasons

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Talk to almost any high school athletic director and they will tell you one of their biggest challenges is increasing buy-in and motivation amongst all of their athletes in the weight room. Many schools have active football programs, but with the prevalence of multi-sport athletes you need a full commitment by all sports and all athletes to achieve wide spread …

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How Haughton is building Buccaneers

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Article reposted from KSLA, Casey Viera, Sports Director. View the original here. The Haughton athletic program is using their brains to help build the braun this offseason. The Buccaneers are using PLT4M to excel their gains in the gym.  

Culture of Confidence: How Defiance High School Supports Its Female Athletes

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During a cold winter day in Ohio, the Defiance High School Girls Basketball Team finished up an in season weight training session as Coach Rafael Manriquez posed a question to his athletes, “What is the one thing we have done differently this year?” Although many actions combined to their successful season of over 20 total wins, one thing that stood …