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PLT4M is the one stop solution for educators looking to implement new fitness curriculums, seamlessly track progress, and easily evaluate students throughout each semester. Our user-friendly software helps you work smarter, not harder, saving you time while helping you improve the health and well-being of your students.

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PLT4M for P.E.

 PLT4M will work with high school athletic directors and coaches to meet any budget. See here for basic pricing.

Fitness Programs

Over 150 pre-built workouts over 35 weeks across 3 different programs, supported by in-depth instructional video content. Edit anything or build your own!

  • Fit 4 Life
  • Intro to Weightlifting
  • Advanced Weight Training
  • PLUS all 40+ weeks of our athletic development programs!
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“PLT4M is an absolute necessity for our PE department.”
Rusty Fuller, PE Teacher grades 7-12, St Paul High School (NE)

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