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Looking for a comprehensive solution to teach, train, and track your students?  

Welcome to PLT4M.

PLT4M is the one stop solution for educators looking to implement new fitness curriculums, seamlessly track progress, and easily evaluate students throughout each semester. Our user-friendly software helps you work smarter, not harder, saving you time while helping you improve the health and well-being of your students.

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“The programs are easy to follow and extremely effective. The program progresses in a way that is challenging but doable. I have been extremely pleased with it and our student athletes like it as well.”Jami Walker, PE Teacher, Delaware County Christian School

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

Take a peek inside and see how we deliver professionally crafted fitness programs for students of every level through our comprehensive web-based platform.

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    Easy to Start

    Pre-built curriculums supported by instructional videos and educational content – schedule an entire semester of lesson plans in minutes.

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    No more kids standing on the sidelines! Get every kid involved and excited about coming to PE each and every day with fun, but challenging fitness programs and online accounts for every student.

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    A one stop shop. Upload and manage your students, create your classes and schedule programs, easily track attendance and progress, and run end of semester evaluation reports with a click.

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    We’re former PE teachers, so we know budgets can be tight these days. That’s why our plans start as low as $400 and we promise to work with each school to make sure that PLT4M will fit their budget.

PE Programs

Over 100 pre-built workouts over 25 weeks across 2 different programs, supported by in-depth instructional video content. Edit anything or build your own!

  • Fit 4 Life
  • Intro to Weightlifting
  • PLUS all 40+ weeks of our athletic development programs!
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