We are

PLT4M is a team comprised entirely of former athletes, performance trainers, teachers, and coaches from the high school and college levels. We understand what you want and need because we ARE you. Our mission is to deliver the best possible experience to every high school student and athlete out there, while simultaneously saving coaches time and helping to build winning programs.

What We Believe

The Right To Realize Potential

The opportunity to become the best version of oneself is a right that all kids should be afforded. At PLT4M we aim to give every high school student and athlete the tools they need for motivation, self-improvement, athletic achievement and long-term health.

Competition is the Key

Kids will endure blood, sweat, and tears for “points”. By instilling competition into our programs and platform, we motivate every athlete into pushing themselves out of their comfort zone. If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.

Train with Purpose

Athletes “Eat and Train”, they don’t “Diet and Exercise”. This type of focused mentality is what drives success in life. We aim to develop within each of our athletes a distinct sense of purpose, a drive to succeed in achieving a specific goal in anything they do.

We’re Here to Help

PLT4M didn’t start as a way to make money. We started in an effort to help ourselves and the coaches and athletes already in our lives. We continue that philosophy today and strive to always be ready and willing to help any and all of our clients.

Meet the Team:


Alex Relph

Founder, Head of Development

The man behind the business, Alex is in charge of keeping this train on track. Former D-1 Quarterback, former D-1 college coach, and current high school coach.


Sam Breslin

Founder, Head of Performance, CSCS, CF-L1

The original mind behind our training philosophy and programming. Former D-1 athlete, former Wellness teacher and current High School Coach.


Ian Bonner

Director of Sales

Former college football player and current youth coach, Ian is the guy who helps get you up and running with the PLT4M team.


JC Murtagh

Account Manager

Former college athlete and finance major, JC works with Doug as the point of contact for many of our coaches and programs here at PLT4M.


Max Isaak

Head Performance Coach, CFL2

PLT4M’s bearded wonder & master coach. In charge of all things teaching.


Doug Curtin

Account Manager

Two-Year Captain of Trinity College Swim and Political Science major, Doug works with JC as the point of contact for many of our coaches and programs here at PLT4M.

Geoff Leard

Performance Coach, CFL2

The consummate competitor. Leads the way in all things competition and mental toughness.

Greg Hadley

Demo Athlete, Performance Coach, USAW

Ever the coach. Greg spends every day building better athletes on and off the field.

Allyson Leard

Demo Athlete, Performance Coach, CFL2

Geoff’s better half. Former collegiate athlete and active competitor & coach in Crossfit.

Conor Nugent

Demo Athlete, Performance Coach, CSCS, CFL2

As knowledgable as he is talented. Keep an eye on this one in the Crossfit Games!

Jackie Wogan

Demo Athlete

Former high school athlete, now avid Crossfitter here at Tilt – moves as well in the gym as anyone we know.

Ashley Jonas

Billing & Accounting

Econ major and accountant that ran track at Colgate University…the best person to handle the money.

Get in Touch

We always love to hear from our customers. Feel free to drop in to our office at Crossfit Tilt during business hours or contact us anytime!


Monday – Friday 7am – 5pm

Saturday 10am – 2pm

Sunday Closed


Address 39 John H. Finely III Way Framingham MA

Phone 855.862.5502

Email info@www.plt4m.com