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Use our Elite, Athlete-Building & P.E. Programs, or build your own! Supported with instructional videos and educational content.


Promote athlete buy-in by fostering competition, rewarding progress, and developing accountability year-round.


Save countless hours -deliver workouts online, manage multi-sport schedules with ease and track everything.

For ADs

All of your teams on the same page. Get workouts for every athlete, manage schedules by sport, allow coaches insight into attendance and progress, foster competition year-round.
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For Coaches

Next-level strength, speed, and conditioning programs to build you better athletes. The tools you need to track commitment, progress, and develop a winning mentality in the off-season.
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For Teachers

Utilize our professional fitness curriculums or build your own. Deliver to your students on any device, test & track physical standards, monitor attendance and build students who are fit for life!
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Hundreds of teams across the country trust PLT4M to train their athletes to become better competitors on and off the field!

Coaches & Teachers

What Our Teams Are Saying About Us

“PLT4M’s web-based approach lets me spend time doing what I love, and not buried in excel documents and piles of paper. I save hours every week, and the kids love being able to engage with their training!”

Frank Lupiani
Aquinas Institute of Rochester, NY

“I first joined PLT4M to streamline our training. After the first 8 weeks, our gains were incredible. Strength and speed tests jumped off of the charts. For 23 years I have designed our workouts. From now on the PLT4M team will take over. Our program will be better for it. “

Jody Weber
Davis, OK

“The buy-in from athletes has been tremendous! From freshman girl’s basketball athletes to our varsity football athletes, PLT4M has been incredibly impactful across the board.”

Jason Miska
New Canaan, CT
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